Newcomer's Ministry

The Well - Community Gathering

One of the things we get most excited about is when new people call The Well. Our Newcomers Ministry is designed to get to know new people, introduce them to the culture of The Well and get them plugged into life at the church. This ministry if filled with fun, and focuses on getting new members in touch with their spiritual gifts and how they can use those gifts effectively in the church.

Children's Ministry

Training Up The Next Generation

The goal of our children’s ministry is to build a solid spiritual foundation in the hearts and minds of our children. Every Sunday, the love and nature of God is demonstrated to the children through Bible stories, crafts, Bible memorization, special activities, and lots of fun.


Youth Ministry

Reaching The Youth Of Today

The youth of today will be the church leaders of tomorrow. A major goal of our youth ministry is to present the Gospel in such a way that the Christian faith becomes a real, important, and relevant part of each teen’s life.  Our youth ministry places a strong emphasis on relationships and presenting the Word of God in fun creative ways.

Adult Ministries

Come Grow With Us


Our adult ministries focus on creative ways to engage individuals through various life stages. We believe that discipleship and learning are two major keys for long term growth of believers. Our adult ministries are focused on fostering healthy relationships and spiritual growth. The following areas are some of our outlets for adult ministries:​

  • Men’s Ministry

  • Women’s Ministry

  • Couple’s Ministry

  • Parenting Ministries

  • Small Group Ministries


Worship Arts Ministries

The Heart Of The Worshiper

We believe that one of the primary purposes of mankind is to worship God. Our Worship Arts Ministry considers it an honor and privilege to lead people into the presence of God.  At The Well, we embrace many different genres and styles of music as we join together corporately in worship.

Altar Ministries

Heart Connections


We love to see people flowing and activated in their gifting. The Well has a wide variety of altar ministry opportunities sure to fit every gifting and skill set. We are dedicated to providing ample training and teaching to ensure you feel comfortable ministering to others.

Prayer Ministry

Prophetic Ministry

Healing Ministry


Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Pray Without Ceasing

At The Well, we believe strongly in the power of prayer. We have a strong team of prayer warriors who love seeking the face of God and consider it an honor to intercede on behalf of people and situations.

Rapha House Ministries

Experience Healing and Freedom


Christian ministry of healing and freedom to be who God Created you to be. Learn about: Inherited Generational Patterns, Ungodly Beliefs, Soul/Spirit Hurts, and Demonic Oppression and so much more...

Prayer Ministry

Prophetic Ministry

Healing Ministry